Hi, I'm Vivian.


For me work isn't just about selling homes; it's helping people bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to go. Real estate is the vehicle whereas the human connection is the destination. With every single client’s end goal in mind from the very start, I set intentions, focus on confidence building momentum, and understand the difference between the time to communicate and the time to listen.

That is why my commitment to you is to consistently keep your best interest at the core of each action - in every transaction.

I will not compromise your placed trust in me, although I also promise to be honest even in instances where it may not be what you want to hear. The backbone of my practice is built on three primary models: transparency, resourcefulness, and good ol' fashioned doggedness. Strapped with these convictions and my hope that others will also come to love San Francisco as much as I do empowers me to serve as your trusted friend in real estate.

In addition to having obtained my real estate degree from Golden Gate University, I have also attended Lorna Hines training courses and coaching programs, completed The Ninja installation, and mentored with a few phenomenal top producers. I also spearhead a large volunteer collective known as Soul to Sole, which is very dear to my heart, and a means to give back to the community and city I hold so dear to my heart.

"We rise by lifting others."
-Robert Ingersoll

The Team

Claiming the #1 brokerage spot in a competitive and cut throat field such as ours is no easy task, yet it's been achieved time and time again with the joint efforts of stellar management and a bevy of happily collaborative colleagues. With five local offices, stakes in both residential and commercial markets, and monumental success not only in the city, but via a global reach stemming from 3,000 offices worldwide, Coldwell Banker still maintains a gracious and prominent reputation. Our Pacific Heights post is lead by pioneering locals with a strong emphasis on in-depth market research, which is reinforced by cutting edge technology, beautiful branding, as well as employing only the best of the best. Throughout the year, we are privy to copious training sessions, innovative workshops, and leading guest speakers - all of which reinforce our joint dedication and desire to excel. I am beyond proud and grateful to be included in the Global Luxury affiliation and am especially thankful to have the following people in my corner:

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Kelly Canady, Managing Broker

A beyond warm, yet no-nonsense straight shooter with lightning fast ingenuity, Kelly walked away from an illustrious law career and an impressive background in banking before becoming a seasoned top producer. She then worked her way up into the role of steward at our Pacific Heights office. Her extensive knowledge as both an agent and manager help pioneer creative solutions and positive results for every scenario.

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Don Datanagan, Regional Manager & Business Coach

Hailing from beautiful Presidio, experienced sales coach and broker Don directly oversees and supports thousands of successful transactions and is a people person through and through. With 20 years steeped in and around Bay Area real estate, Don is wholly passionate and committed to the ongoing success of his fellow agents and works tirelessly to ensure world class service and satisfaction for every client.

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Adam Balaam, Marketing Coordinator

Creative guru Adam leads the charge to generate everything from a variety of handsome marketing pieces both online and tangible to producing in-depth reports chock full of up to date info on the SF real estate haps. His affable nature and original vision work in harmony to deliver on time and consistently flawlessly.